Monday, August 20, 2012


Ahh, aren't hotel sheets luxurious?
We spent the weekend in Boston for Mr B's early birthday.

We took the train from Woburn, which is only about 20 minutes out from North Station. $7 a day for parking and $12 round trip on the train - this may be our new favorite way to get in to Boston!

The view from our hotel room.  We were endlessly enthralled with the comings
and goings at the City of Boston Fire Department directly across the street.

Room service - Bubbe and Miss B ate in while Mr B and I ate out.  Well not out actually, we went for a stroll along the waterfront and then thoroughly enjoyed dinner at the hotel's French restaurant.  Such a treat, and I think I may have fallen in love with polenta!

Out and about.  The city felt so festive.

The water side of our hotel.  
The water front was fairly quiet in the rain.

Contemporary art at the MFA.

Are these chairs fun or what?

Love this chandelier!

This woman looks so capable and self assured.

There was a crack at the base of this by the feet and Miss B was convinced she could see something inside.  She was beside herself with excitement.

Loving these colors.

Water play at The Boston Children's Museum 
There was an absolutely amazing collection of dollhouses on display.
  As we kept discovering more rooms we kept shrieking
 "Shrink me, oh, please shrink me!"

A fantastic trip!  Super spur of the moment (we decided the day before), and not all that expensive.  We Hotwired the hotel, and borrowed a pass from one of our libraries for discount admission to the MFA, and then we went one hour before closing for half price admission to The Children's Museum (which was perfect).  It was not nearly as crowded as it has been other times we've gone, and they periodically announced how much time was left so you could be sure to see what you wanted to.

Mr. B seems pleased too, having gotten his city fix for a bit.
Cake tonight!

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