Monday, October 1, 2012

Fairy House Festival

This fairy house was made from a gourd and I adore the little ladder.
 We attended the 8th Annual Fairy House Festival in Portsmouth, NH this year and it was enchanting!

This bridge is amazing!

Miss B dressed as a baby fairy (hence the lack of fairy wings) complete with blue hair : )

Gardens in full bloom with fairy houses nestled among the flowers.  Spotted among the fairy dwellings were miniature swings, twig ladders leading to fairy sized lofts, teeny beds with feather blankets, seashell lined walkways and acorn cap bowls filled with itty bitty fairy food.  The attention to detail that went into these pint sized creations was awe inspiring.  

What a darling seashell swing!

Lot's of bark and lichen in play here.

And the tiny table and chairs - oh my word!

This one has cattails and feathers.

Birch bark, rosehips, and smooth beach stones - lovely.

Most of the young attendees came dressed as fairies, 
adding to the magic of the event.  

A bubble tower blew out a constant and generous stream of bubbles for the little ones to chase and pop, in between face painting and constructing new fairy houses in an enchanted forest fairy village set up on Pierce Island.

The bubble tower made from a very nicely adorned stepladder.  Brilliant.

Getting lots of new ideas.

It was enough to tucker out my own little fairy.  

A fairy version of peter peter pumpkin eater.

This yarn shop complete with loom and spinning wheel was one of my favorites.

Just look at the milkweed pod baskets filled with naturally dyed yarns!

This fairy observatory was awesome!

Complete with teeny, tiny scrolls presumably of the stars. So sweet.

We are already looking forward to attending the festival next year, and I am certain we will be making a lot of fairy houses in the meantime.