Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dancing Around Dementia

This weekend was a bit of a blur really...though I will say it was a happy one.

Saturday Miss B, her little friend and her mum and I all went to check out the dance studio where the girls will be starting lessons in a couple weeks.  Our girls galloped around the room, flip flops slapping, and seemed a bit like little bulls in a closet (no china thank goodness).  We are so fortunate to have received as hand me downs a lovely pair of tap shoes (by the looks brand spanking new) in the required color and just the right size for Miss B so we have only a few things to pick up at the thrift shops...and some new ballet shoes.  Raiding the dress up box for tutus.

My dear Nana who has been suffering from dementia for quite some time was ill last week and had taken to bed, and it seemed her candle had blown out in some way, but she seems to have perked up a bit, and is drinking and eating more, and it was so, so nice to see her and to see her so excited to see us during a few moments of lucidity.  My sister and I spent most of Sunday rearranged their living room to try to make it more inviting and useful for she and Gramp, and so that it can accommodate the hospital bed that it now houses.  Now they can both see the television, and the lovely water view, and they can sit and hold hands as they tend to do (so sweet!).  Change can be hard, but after a bit of heckling (directed at us), even Gramp came up with some shocking suggestions (like moving his favorite recliner!).  Sometimes people surprise you.  There is much more I would like to say about dementia but I think for now I will let it simmer a bit.

I am loving, loving, loving these prints by Nikki McClure (and found on Momfilter) and am already asking for these for the holidays - I think 6 would be reasonable right?

Miss B has a little friend over for the day and they are making a circus, from a vintage magnuteer magnetic circus set I got while thrifting with my sister last week.  Our kitchen (where the circus is set up of course!) is a nice, nice place to be this rainy morning.

Hope your day is peaceful friends.

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