Monday, July 2, 2012

A Dear Boy's Birthday

Unbelievably, my nephew is 7 years old!  Before this sweet boy was born (and made me an auntie) I wasn't all that certain that I liked children.  Ah, but once he was here it was clear that he was one of our tribe and we'd do anything for him...say walk through fire if need be.  He made me realize that I wanted to be a mama and he is now (and always has been) such a dear, dear cousin to my little girl, three years his junior.  Kind, thoughtful, full of spirit and reason.  Bursting with happiness to open a hammer.  "Yes, I've actually really been wanting a hammer!"  he said as if in disbelief at his good fortune.   We are all in disbelief at our good fortune to have him in our clan.

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