Saturday, June 30, 2012

Strawberry Festival

The town we live in holds a Strawberry Festival the last Saturday in June every year.  This was our first June living here and we have been watching the preparation for the festival with much excitement and anticipation.  Miss B. had picked out the perfect strawberry themed dress from her wardrobe and resisted wearing it for the last week or so.  What willpower and planning that four year old has!  We then discussed what her dad and I might wear.  We found a green baseball cap at the Tranfer Station's Swap Shop and decided that if he wore that with a red t-shirt (ideally Spiderman) he would look a lot like a strawberry. I was left to my own devices, but took the opportunity or shall I say the need to finish a dress I'd cut out and left neatly folded beside the sewing machine in our dining room since winter.  Of course when I went to pick it up and start working where I left off, I realized that I might have been in some sort of brain fog/haze when last I worked on it.  Seam ripping ensued and in the end I had a cool and comfortable dress (maybe I'll post a pic later).

Anyway the festival was great!  Miss B got a million compliments on her dress.  We hung out with a turtle named Tutor and we had strawberry shortcake for breakfast.  Yummm.  Can you beat that?  It was the first time we had a chance to  see the playground at her soon to be new school.  It was awesome!  

Wildflowers, forts in the woods, great playground, also someone has put in a lot work planting shade trees.  Super nice.  Saw some friends in the afternoon and drank about 2 gallons of seltzer.  Loving our seltzer maker!  Off to visit the folks to the north tomorrow.  Celebrating a dear cousin's birthday - seven years old!

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