Monday, July 16, 2012


Saturday morning - dancing in the kitchen to WUNH Durham's Polka Party with Gary Sredzienski.  Honestly, Gary is amazing!  He's full of history, and lore and is just a delight to listen to.  Saturday around our house is always a polka party!  And it's the 25th anniversary of the show next week.  Give it a listen if you get the chance 9a-11a Saturday morning.

Sunday is donut day.  Really, it is.  At our local bakery, Monkey Business Sunday is donut day.  I get to sleep in while Miss B and her dad go out for donuts...although oddly enough what we really want are the spinach (aka mediteranean) croissants.  It started out with hubby and I wanting the croissants instead of a donut...and then suddenly Miss B was on board too.  I love it, a four year old who will take a spinach croissant over a donut!  Not to say that she doesn't love donuts too!

Wowee what a hot day!  After croissants (and donuts) and the paper we schlepped our sweaty selves into the car and scooted over to Long Sands in York Beach.  Nice people, not too crowded, a nice breeze.  Pretty much the perfect day.

I hope you had moments of perfect in your weekend too.

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