Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach Garb

With beach season upon us I am noticing that Miss B is taking more notice of the differences in required bathing attire between men and women, girls and boys. When questioned, I explained that in this country men can go without a top, but women can't. She took this in without too much of a comment, then later that day declared that if boys could go without a shirt, she would go without pants! There is a certain logic to this and a braveness of spirit that makes her papa and I swell with pride.
Rocking "baby" summer squash to sleep.


  1. my kids were just talking about squash babies the other day! We had a volunteer plant grow out of our compost pile last year and now they are eagerly checking everywhere. We have a small urban garden, so I haven't planted squash in it because of space.

    Your daughter is adorable! Love her take on the tops/bottom issue :)

  2. Thanks Margo! We have a urban/suburban garden too. Our house is on less than a fifth of an acre). We had a couple small raised beds in the back when we bought the house, and this summer we put in 2 more beds, one along the back southern side of the house, and another along the back/southern side of our yard against our neighbor's chainlink fence. So far even in our small space the zucchini and summer squash seem pretty happy. I'm trying a new compact bush-type delicata...will try to post about how happy that is in the tiny space I allotted it. Great luck with onions this year far they seem virtually pest free - ha, should have planted more. Thankfully there is always next year.