Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Miss B's first day of Pre-K.  She has been very, very excited about starting school.  After initially bounding out of bed and to the coat rack by the front door in her pj's declaring she'd just have breakfast at school, she seemed thoughtful, quiet and patient.  After oatmeal and cheese for breakfast, and vitamins and hairbrushing etc. it was absolutely pouring.  We ended up driving rather than walking, which made poor Miss B have to wait even longer.

She is adoring her new raincoat (thrifted and in awesome condition).  I worry it is a little too juvenile - but dude, she's only four once right?  And in the right mood I like to think I could pull a raincoat like that off as well : )

The drop off went well, though, not at all as I envisioned.  We were perfectly on time (according to all the clocks we saw in the school) and yet somehow, somehow, her class line had already left the gymnasium and gone to their classroom.  Note to self, be at least five minutes early from now on. A kindergarten teacher took Miss B under her wing, and said she would drop her off at the appropriate classroom as she went by it.  I think this teacher thought Mr and I would walk along with Miss B, but Miss B, all shy smiles took this teacher's hand and said "See you later alligator."  To which we dutifully replied "After a while crocodile." Then we watched her leave.  She seemed so excited and brave too.

On the drive home of course I cried a bit.  It's such a milestone.  Then I hustled around finally buying an umbrella...and then catching up on dishes and before I knew it, it was time to pick her up.  I connected with some of the other moms I knew from last year at various activities, as well as some other neighbors I had not yet had a chance to meet.  I think I will look forward to the pick up chitter chatter.

Miss B seemed happy, maybe even a bit older (really in just two and a half hours!) but kind of cryptic about her day, so I didn't push it and as the afternoon wore on I learned all kinds of things.

The girl's bathroom is MAGICAL!  I think this means automatic flush and automatic faucet.

Her teacher's favorite color is pink.

They read a story about how not to miss people when you are away from them...Miss B demonstrating a special hand kiss that will make it so I don't miss her while she is away at school.  Oh my teary word!

Here's the book, The Kissing Hand.  I may just have to borrow this one from the library.  It made quite an impression on Miss B.

On another note, Miss B is now using the phrase "Silly pants" all the time.  I think that one is from me actually - silly pants indeed.


  1. That's great she opened up to you with actual information about her day. My boys rarely do that. It is a milestone - a big day for both mama and child :)

  2. Tonya, I felt very lucky indeed that she shared that with me. Most kids we know don't seem to give too much in the way of details from their school day. Practicing asserting their own independence. I'm sure Miss B will be less forthcoming at some point, but I will certainly enjoy this openness while we have it.